About us

Three Creative have been in business since 2000. Both Marc and Paul previously working together in Belfast Litho Printers for a number of years.

Marc Steenson

Marc brings over 30 years of experience in the print industry. The worlds biggest Rush fan, he's never happier than when listening to a 10 minute guitar or drum solo.


Favourite song: The Spirit of Radio - Rush

Favourite Film: Saving Private Ryan


Little known fact: Has sat in the flight deck of a Boeing 747 for take off and landing!


Paul McDonnell

Paul brings over 20 years in the industry, having started out thinking he was going to be an Architect! but segued nicely in 1993 to work in David McCadden Illustrates. A big movie buff he's never happier than when watching the latest blockbuster!

Paul is a member of the UNITE union.


Favourite song: Higher & Higher

Favourite Film: The Abyss


Little known fact: Has DJ'ed on stage at the Ulster Hall!


Three Creative Company Ltd |  1 Colvin House  Inspire Business Park  Carrowreagh Road  Dundonald  BT16 1QT

Tel: 028 9048 3388  |  Marc  07789 746853  marc@three-creative.com |  Paul  07818 456539  paul@three-creative.com

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